New Video Series!

In light of all the physical symptoms many are feeling related to the current elevation in our consciousness (“Ascension”), I have been inspired to create a series of videos.

These are short, mostly between 2-5 minutes, and feature healing affirmations set to inspiring music. Many of the affirmations have been inspired by the book “All is Well”, by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schultz, which address issues related to different medical conditions and organ systems of the body.

As I related in my blog post “Physician, Heal Thyself!”, I have become aware that many physical, mental and emotional conditions can be traced back to emotions that have become “stuck” in the body, and that they can often be healed more easily and quickly once this idea is embraced. Affirmations are one tool that has been shown to be helpful in this regard, and are fairly easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

The videos include images and video clips that reflect some of the words and emotions generated by the affirmations, and are intended to be incorporated into a meditation or self-care practice. The first few videos have been inspired by concerns that have affected me and other loved ones personally, and I hope to post many more in short order. I hope you find them helpful and enjoyable!

Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel to get instant access to new videos as soon as they are posted!

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