HeartSeed Stories

Music has always been a big part of my life and I often get images from a story that plays itself out in my mind as I’m listening to a beautiful composition. Over the years, some musical pieces have really touched my heart and inspired me to pair the music with video clips and images that portray the events and emotions of the story. This process happens while I’m in a meditative state, so I believe the inspiration comes from above.

I stumbled upon the genre of “lyric videography” and started making video montages using some of my favorite songs. Some did not have lyrics, so I added either them or used descriptive words to help tell the story. I recently started a new YouTube channel, primarily for housing videos using music created by others that moves me, resonates with me, or speaks to me in some way.

We recently celebrated the Christmas season, and one of my favorite songs, “Breath of Heaven” by Amy Grant had been on my mind. Although the song is about the Nativity, I have always felt that it carried a much deeper meaning to me personally and I have often found comfort in it over the years.

This video montage tells the story from the perspective of a professional woman in a relationship with an impaired partner. It is reflective of the divine feminine in the modern age, having the role of carrying not only her children, but also of the men and masculine societal roles that have been affected by codependency, narcissism, addiction, and the like.

Please consider subscribing to this new YouTube channel at @HeartSeedStories!

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