Soothing the Weary Soul

The last 3 years have really been something for pretty much everyone I know: it’s been awhile since I’ve spent much time with anyone except for pets & plants! In that time, I have been focusing on my own well-being, in part by embracing the solitude and pursuing new (to me) art techniques. I have also been creating multiple avenues to assist folks in improving their well-being, chiefly through meditative art. I’m excited to announce that I have created a self-publishing company to house the LovingKindness Art print products (Sacred Seed Press). Among other things, there are now four wisdom card decks available in physical and digital format, and a Coloring Meditation Journal (& digital workbook) with designs that match those on the card decks. You can find these by clicking on the Sacred Seed Press tab in the menu above, and also by visiting my Linktree.

In addition, I will be starting a newsletter that will offer discounts on our products and be a source of information about new developments. Check it out here and sign up if you are interested:

I will soon be hosting a coloring meditation class at the local library, and in the meantime wanted to share a weekly coloring meditation experience with those interested. Here is a short video previewing how a class will work; I first pull a card or two from one of the decks, and then we all color the matching design in the journal/workbook as we meditate on the words/affirmations on the card(s). The Linktree link above will take you to a tab where you can download a free coloring page for the design being colored for the week.

I wanted to share this technique with you as I have found it very helpful (& fun!) while traveling through some very challenging and stressful times!

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