LovingKindness Art: Coloring and Meditation for Health

Many folks have been affected by the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank a few days ago. Some have not been able to collect their paycheck, and others are scrambling to now be able to pay their bills.

Having experienced similar circumstances awhile back when my income was suddenly lost, I can relate to the feelings of helplessness and loss of control that can accompany such a crisis. It took quite some time and effort for me to recover a sense of stability and determine new ways and avenues in which I could move forward. It was during that process that I began practicing meditation, and I soon discovered a particular type of meditation, called “Loving-Kindness”, or “Metta” meditation, as it is called in the Buddhist tradition.

Finding that it brought me a sense of peace and forgiveness towards my circumstances and the people who might have carried some responsibility in causing my situation, I soon began using this meditation with all my sessions. I also discovered that adding a drawing and coloring practice to the routine greatly enhanced the positive effects. I spent many hours each day at this, and soon I had accumulated quite a few pieces of art featuring sacred geometric designs.

Since then, I have realized that these techniques which were so helpful to me might also be helpful to others undergoing similar experiences. I’ve used the designs to create a variety of tools that can be easily added to a routine and help encourage a regular meditation practice. I consider these to be tools, not just for meditation, but for healing and greatly enhancing well-being, especially when one is stressed by life circumstances.

When it comes to health and wellness, I find that doing a coloring meditation along with someone else can augment the healing effects for all participants, so I plan to use these tools extensively as I begin working as a Doula with clients and groups. The Oracle and Affirmation card decks I use are all geared towards assisting healing by providing a focal point for one to repeatedly consider as one is meditating. The act of coloring while doing this helps the subconscious mind focus away from “problems” and instead use the innate abilities of the body to create “solutions” that it is fully capable of generating on its own. The mind is then released from trying to fix the problem as the inner wisdom we are born with takes over.

As I ramp up my ability to offer in-person and virtual Doula services, I am creating a series of short videos. The Healing Affirmation Videos address a certain area of the body or function, while the Coloring Meditation videos pair affirmations with a coloring practice. Both types are intermingled on my YouTube channel @AscensionDoula. Today’s card pull was one that really felt appropriate to current events!

Health Benefits of Meditation

It is no secret that practicing meditation can reduce stress, improve health, and even add years to your life. LovingKindness Art has coloring meditation books & wisdom card decks designed to enhance your practice and elevate your well-being to a whole new level.

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