A Doula for Doctors

Are you a doctor or other health care professional who is frustrated with the practice of medicine as it stands today? Are you looking for another way to provide valuable service to clients that reduces or completely removes the hassles of traditional practice? Are you burned out or suffering from compassion fatigue and looking to help people in a way that is low risk yet highly satisfying?

Welcome! This is a portal to another way of life and practice that will not only help your patients achieve wellness, but will help you to live your life in a sustainable, healthy and satisfying way. We provide supportive companionship as you transition from traditional medical practice into a more holistic way of life and health for yourself and your clients.

Now Booking Informational Sessions!

Our booking calendar is now open for scheduling a free informational session! I will meet with you over Zoom or Google Meets to discuss how we might work together to enhance your experience as you transition to a more satisfying way of providing service.