Digital Products

Many of the products published through Sacred Seed Press are being made into digital products that can be downloaded and viewed on a device. We have developed “Pick a Card” Screenshot GIF files for each of our card decks for an inexpensive, fun and easy way to get instant wisdom, support, guidance and advice from divine universal energies.

Although we offer coloring meditation classes locally, I wanted to provide a means for folks to have a similar experience without leaving their home. Using one (or more!) of the “Pick a Card” products, along with the Coloring Meditation Workbook, will essentially duplicate what happens during a live class, and offers the added benefits of privacy and solitude.

Visit our page “Meditative Art Tools” to get more information on our coloring meditation journals and workbook.

”Pick a Card” Screenshot GIF for Card Decks*

*You must be able to take a screenshot with your device to use these as intended!

Use these “Pick a Card” Screenshot GIFs in lieu of using a physical card deck in this easy and entertaining way to get spiritual wisdom and guidance! Each physical card deck listed below was created using original artwork incorporating the Flower of Life Pattern into a pen and ink drawing. The words & affirmations were inspired by intuitive messages from pets and other animals in nature.
For best results, download the GIF after purchase and then open the file. Close your eyes and take a moment to ask for guidance and then take a screenshot. Then meditate on the message received. For even more benefit, use our Coloring Meditation Journal/Workbook with matching designs to augment your meditation & healing practice.

Click on the button below each deck to buy and download the GIF for the entire deck.

Browse our “Card Decks” page to get more information about each of the decks!

Chakra Healing Color Therapy Card deck

Contains 64 color therapy cards with words*

*E-book version of booklet with Healing Chakra Affirmations is also available -see link below

This 28 page booklet is designed to accompany the Chakra Healing Color Therapy deck. The 64 card deck was designed to be used as a visual tool to enhance your meditation practice and optimize well-being. The cards blend the energies of color and sacred geometry, which when applied to the Chakra energy centers, can augment your innate healing ability. Along with a brief description of the chakras, the booklet contains a listing of the cards included in each of the chakra groups. Once you draw your card (or use the screenshot GIF), you may refer to the page containing the name of your card to find an affirmation that can be used as a reference point while you are meditating on it.

Animal Angels Oracle Card deck

Contains 54 cards with words & affirmations for self-love and healing

Seeds of Love Affirmation Card deck

Contains 63 cards with words & affirmations for daily affirmation practice

Conceived in Love Transformational Intentions for Pregnancy & Birth

Contains 40 Cards with affirmations for enhancing family relationships

Watch this short video showing how to use the “Pick a Card” GIF file with the Meditative Art Workbook!

LovingKindness Meditative Art Workbook

This 11 x 8.5 inch workbook of 64 sacred geometric drawings was created to enhance your meditation practice. The Seed or Flower of Life designs are original meditative drawings, created during a LovingKindness meditation session. The designs have been paired with words that were inspired by pets and other animals in nature.

Although this book is a useful meditation & journaling tool by itself, adding the use of one of our card decks can capitalize on the ease and utility of picking a card at random as a way to connect with spiritual guidance and wisdom.

To optimize use of both the cards and this journal, first pick a card and then print out the corresponding coloring/journal page in the book (Printing on card stock is recommended for optimal coloring experience). Spend a little time each day coloring the design while reflecting on the word and any affirmation that may be present on the card or in a booklet; jot down any thoughts on the accompanying journal page.

LovingKindness Meditative Art

Coloring Meditation Workbook

This 67 page E-book contains 64 coloring designs paired side-by-side with space for journaling on the same page. It is designed so that the whole book can be printed out, or just one page at a time, depending on your needs.