Heart-Seed Doula

Enhancing the Connection Between Babies & Their Families

During the years I practiced Obstetrics, I experienced communication from unborn babies more than a few times!

At first, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But when my nagging (& unexpressed!) suspicion around infidelity in one of my patient’s spouse was later confirmed, I began to take it more seriously.

Later, realizing I was receiving similar messages from pets and other animals in nature, I understood that this was a type of telepathic gift that was meant to be used in service to others, especially in the area of pregnancy and birth.

Over time, these “messages” from babies and animals have transformed from specific thoughts around them and their families, into more global and expansive ideas involving health care and ways to improve the systems we have built. I am now being urged to offer more services to assist in strengthening the bonds we share with our family members (and pets!).

As a Doula, I no longer administer medication or other medical treatment, or give medical advice. In addition, I leave the experience of being a companion during the actual birth up to the many excellent and qualified birth doulas available. Instead, I will work with you and your family before, during & after your pregnancy to enhance the connection between you and your baby & improve your well-being. My services would be done in tandem with any other health care providers you may be working with. As I have a special interest in miscarriage, preterm birth, & infertility, my role also lies in supporting families as they traverse any and/or all of these areas and more related to the pregnancy and birth experience by providing knowledgeable companionship, and without interfering in any medical processes that take place.

Now Booking Informational Sessions!

Our booking calendar is now open for scheduling a free informational session! I will meet with you over Zoom or Google Meets to discuss how we might work together to enhance your well-being and relationship with your baby as you prepare to welcome this new addition to your family.