HeartSeed Stories

I am Karen Janowski MD, a retired physician/surgeon, mixed media artist & storyteller via lyric videography. I make video montages using music created by others that moves me, resonates with me, or speaks to me in some way.

As I listen to a piece of music, I often get images from a story that plays itself out in my mind. I’m then inspired to pair the music with video clips and images that portray the events and emotions of the story. These stories often have components of events and emotions that have transpired from real-life experiences that I have personally witnessed on my journey. This process happens while I’m in a meditative state, so I believe the inspiration comes from above, and serves a healing purpose for myself as well as others.

These videos are housed on the YouTube channel @HeartSeedStories.

I acknowledge and appreciate divine guidance in the creation of these videos. Please subscribe to @HeartSeedStories on YouTube to be notified of new videos as they are posted.