Meditative Art Tools

Now offering supply kits for our classes!

As we begin to offer local meditative art classes, we have put together a few kits to make it more convenient to have ready access to your supplies. Visit our Class Kits page for more information!

About Our Books & Card Decks

Through the process of developing the “LovingKindness Art” company, several different healing tools were created. The “Animal Angels Oracle Card Deck” came first, and was then followed by more card decks. These can be found and purchased HERE.

There was so much healing benefit experienced in the drawing and coloring of the original Flower & Seed of Life designs that some coloring/journaling books were created using the original drawings. Journaling pages were included to jot down any thoughts and ideas received during the coloring process. The “LovingKindness Meditative Art” Coloring Meditation Journal (designed to be used with any of our card decks) houses the entire collection of 64 drawings with no added affirmations, while the “Conceived in Love Transformational Intentions for Pregnancy & Birth” journal features the 40 designs and affirmations from the matching card deck.

LovingKindness Meditative Art: A Coloring Meditation Journal

This spiral bound book of 64 sacred geometric drawings was created to enhance your meditation practice. The Seed or Flower of Life designs are original meditative drawings, each made by hand (using a compass) and created during a loving-kindness meditation session. The designs have been paired with words that were inspired by pets and other animals in nature.

Although this book is a useful meditation & journaling tool by itself, adding the use of one of our card decks can capitalize on the ease and utility of picking a card at random as a way to connect with spiritual guidance and wisdom.
To optimize use of both the cards and this journal, first pick a card and then find the corresponding coloring and journal meditation in the book. Spend a little time each day coloring the design while reflecting on the word and any affirmation that may be present on the card or in a booklet. Jot down any thoughts on the accompanying journal page.

Now Available in Two Formats!

5 x 7 Inch Version

This 5 x 7 inch version is printed on VERY heavyweight paper with matte coating. As there is NO bleed-through, coloring with heavy markers is encouraged! Gel pens also work well, while crayons & pencils are less effective.

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Also available with a box to store the book, affirmation cards, markers, etc!

8.5 x 11 Inch Version

This 8.5 x 11 inch version is printed on heavy weight paper for less bleed-through. Suitable for pencil, crayon, gel pens & light-weight markers.

Conceived in Love Coloring Meditation Journal

This book of 40 original sacred geometric drawings was created to celebrate the year of a pregnancy and birth. Designed to be used as a companion piece with the “Conceived in Love: Transformational Intentions for Pregnancy and Birth Card Deck”, the book and card deck together make a thought-provoking tool to enhance your relationship with your baby. Once filled with your colored designs and thoughts about your journey, this book will become a treasured keepsake that you can share with your baby and family for years to come!

Seeds Of Love Meditative Coloring Book and Journal

Take your meditation practice anywhere with this little 6 x 6 paperback coloring book and journal! Twenty-two unique sacred geometric mandala designs are paired up with twenty two journal pages.

This book is a compilation of hand drawn designs based on the Seed of Life pattern, which is a sub-pattern of the Flower of Life. These original designs were created during a meditative practice and each was paired with an affirmation message inspired by nature and animals. It is laid out with the digital version of the original design on the left-hand page and the corresponding affirmation as a journaling prompt on the right-hand page.

We have limited stock of this book available as we transfer it to a new printing company. Click the button below to purchase one of our remaining copies (price includes shipping – U.S. only please!). Once you have made your purchase, please visit the Contact page and send us a message with details on where you would like your book to be sent.