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Healing Birth Trauma Coaching Series

Have you or a loved one experienced physical, mental, or emotional trauma related to giving birth? This may include such things as unplanned Cesarean Section, emergency delivery, induction of labor, complications related to the birth, miscarriage, loss of pregnancy at any stage, mediolateral episiotomy or fourth degree tear, having interventions done without consent (given medications, procedures such as artificial rupture or stripping of membranes, cervical examinations, and more), or injury to the baby? Did your baby have to go to the NICU? Did you find it hard to define what happened, feel ignored, dismissed or not listened to during your experience? We’re you disrespected or even humiliated? Did your mother have a traumatic birthing experience with you or any of your siblings?

As common and “normal” as some of these experiences seem, any one of them can result in PTSD in yourself and/or your loved ones, and affect your life and relationships for years to come. Many women feel they have no one to talk to about these experiences or have trouble finding anyone who’d understand. As a result, they may go on for years with unresolved grief and even PTSD which may also affect loved ones.

A new program will soon be available to help heal the effects of Perinatal PTSD and unresolved grief. It employs the use of well-researched and studied therapeutic modalities such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and is provided by certified practitioners. This is designed to include anyone involved in the birthing process, whether it be the mother, child, spouse, doctor, nurse, or anyone who has sustained trauma related to a birth.

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Designed for patients, families, and health care workers, this coaching series consists of an introductory session followed by as many sessions as are needed to help reach the goals established together at the first session. Sessions are done remotely/virtually, and are customized to provide you with healing tools that will serve you for the rest of your life.

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