Ascension Doula

Welcome to Ascension Doula!

Like the family anticipating a new baby, making our way through the energies which will propel us into new paradigms sometimes poses challenges and can be somewhat confusing.

In my work as an OB/Gyn, I recognized just how much a supportive companion could help someone undergoing a health challenge and highly valued the impact that a birth doula could have on the experience of a pregnant mother and her family.

As an “Ascension Doula”, I call on my extensive experience as a physician and surgeon and combine it with intuitive guidance from the angelic realm to provide loving support and companionship through the ascension experience. I refer to myself as “Dr. Joy Love” to remind myself of the vibration I wish to achieve in my work.


In my work as a physician, I particularly enjoyed working one-on-one with folks to help them reach their goals. Long retired, I no longer administer medication or other medical treatment, or give medical advice. Instead, I will work with you to uncover the underlying meaning of your symptoms and compose a “prescription” of non-pharmaceutical solutions to assist you in improving your well-being.

Now Booking Informational Sessions!

Our booking calendar is now open for scheduling a free informational session! I will meet with you over Zoom or Google Meets to discuss how we might work together to enhance your well-being as you make your way through a personal transformation.